Citycoco scooter 2000w theft protection: safety tips for your electric scooter

More and more people are enjoying electric scooter and want to help make traffic more sustainable. But with the turnaround in mobility, another change has crept in.

In German cities, it is no longer just citycoco that are stolen, e-scooters are also increasingly being targeted by thieves. The thieves are particularly interested in the expensive batteries and motors of the citycoco scooter 2000w. After an e-scooter is stolen, it is disassembled and the individual parts are then sold.

Electric scooters have particularly small tires and the handlebars are usually open at the top, making it more difficult to protect against theft on Citycoco scooter 2000w than on bicycles, for example. So how to protect the scooters from thieves? Many e-scooter rental companies in large cities in Germany equip their rental vehicles with locks that can only be opened via an app. A steering lock engages in the event of misuse. However, this theft protection via app is usually not available for your own e-scooters.


In our guide article you will find out which alternative protective measures such as locks, alarm systems and GPS trackers you can use to keep the risk of theft of your e-scooter as low as possible. Just like choosing a suitable anti-theft protection for your e-scooter, you also have the choice of a high-performance e-scooter insurance in your own hands. Find out now and ensure all-round protection.

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