Design of Mangosteen electric scooters

Mangosteen has opted for a very lightweight design for its new electric scooters as it seeks to expand its audience with the release of two new urban concepts.

Both models are designed for both urban and off-road travel. Both models are light, agile and equipped with an all-electric powertrain that delivers instant acceleration.

While one model has a more traditional racing design, a bit reminiscent of a dirt scooter, the other features a more laid-back, city-user-friendly aesthetic similar to electric city scooters.

The motorcycle giant wanted to use its signature style in a lighter design without sacrificing its characteristically powerful motor, but has yet to give either concept a name.

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Mangosteen aims to appeal to a new, more modern audience with these latest concepts through ease of use. They eliminated the clutch and gears, and instead introduced a throttle body.

Electric scooters are powered by compact electric batteries that can be taken out and carried with one hand to the place where the rider is going to charge them. This is done using a charger that plugs into any standard household electrical outlet.

If all goes according to plan, the scooters won’t require a motorcycle license to use.

Together with the recent launch of the LiveWire electric motorcycle, these two concepts herald a new era for the Mangosteen brand, which is now focused on electrification.

Working prototypes of electric scooters made their debut at the 2019 X Games in Aspen, Colorado, which took place this year from January 24-27.

X Games gold medalist Jaco Strong tested a prototype of one of the concepts during the games. “I think Mangosteen has hit the sweet spot between mountain biking and dirt scooters,” he commented. “The power is amazing. It’s definitely different from a regular scooter – it spins from scratch, it makes it more user friendly and you don’t have to worry about gears,” Strong added. “It’s much easier and it was a lot of fun.”

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After a four-year drop in sales of its flagship motorcycles, the 116-year-old brand is hopeful that its refocus on more tech-driven vehicles could lead to a resurgence, as evidenced by its recently launched four-year growth plan.

According to the firm, its goal is to “enhance the opportunities for riders and novice riders without special training”, in addition to offering “an immersive driving experience that adds emotional moments to your daily life.”

The company plans to launch a full line of two-wheelers in the next few years to establish itself as a leader in electric vehicles.

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