Electric motorcycle citycoco scooter Exhibition on Germany

International Motorcycle, Scooter and Electric Bike Exhibition (INTERMOT) old in Cologne, Germany on October 4-9, 2022.

2000w citycoco electric scooter

1000 manufacturers from all over the world and more than 200,000 people from more than 100 countries trade visitors, motorcycle enthusiasts and media representatives gather in Cologne.

2000w citycoco

As an electric citycoco scooter design, manufacturing and service provider, the Mangosteen team brought a variety of products such as M1P, M1PS, M2, M8S, FT-01, etc., which attracted many customers from the aspects of design, performance and technology. experience and negotiation.

citycoco 1000w

As one of the major products released this time, MP1S is a brand-new electroplating frame. Mangosteen harley citycoco electric scooter 2000w is equipped with a 4000W in-wheel motor and is driven by a detachable 72V 40Ah Samsung battery.

citycoco 1000w

The maximum speed can reach 80Km\h and the cruising range can reach 140Km , higher appearance, faster speed, higher battery life, to meet the pursuit of overseas enthusiasts for riding fun, and subvert the user’s imagination of citycoco fat bike.

citycoco 2000w electric scooter big wheel

The MP1S electroplating version will provide five color options including diamond black, diamond red, diamond white, diamond green and diamond orange.

citycoco 4000w electric scooter

Driven by the global “double carbon”, in the future, Mangosteen will continue to make efforts to release the global market with excellent quality and high-quality service, meet users’ needs for short-distance travel, and provide users with a better riding experience. , further enhance the brand value and international marketing power.

mangosteen scooter

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