Everything You Need to Know About the Electric Scooter

Guide on the electric scooter: characteristics, maintenance, differences of models, advantages, autonomy or even recharging.

It’s a fact: electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in France and are invading our urban landscapes in particular. On the one hand, the public authorities have multiplied the measures in favor of e-mobility (electric mobility). They want at all costs to minimize polluting emissions from road traffic. On the other hand, these zero-emission machines have won over the French for the driving comfort they guarantee, their quietness and their reliability.

Added to all this is their ease of maintenance and upkeep and the fact that they are not subject to any traffic restrictions (ZFE, differentiated traffic). Among them, electric scooters continue to gain followers. Particularity, maintenance, models, advantages, autonomy, charging time, price, installation of wallbox at home; we tell you all about these mobility solutions in this article.

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Characteristics of an electric scooter

An electric scooter, as its name suggests, is a scooter with an electric motor powered by batteries. However, it does not use gasoline as fuel, unlike thermal models, and therefore does not generate any polluting emissions. Its motor is flanged and can be either offset or integrated into the rear wheel (wheel motor). Its battery is lithium.

This machine also has an electronic controller. Placed at the rear, this small box has the function of ensuring the management and operation of the electric scooter it equips. It plays the role of intermediary between the battery and the motor while configuring both the torque and the driving power. It is actually this device that restricts the engine of the vehicle so that its top speed does not exceed a certain threshold set by the manufacturer.

The price of an electric scooter depends on the model, its displacement, the autonomy of its batteries, its weight, the options included… If we take these different factors into account, a 50 cc equivalent generally costs between 1 000 and 5000 €. The price of a 125 cc equivalent is between 2,500 and 10,000 €. You have to pay between 5,000 and 8,000 € for a three-wheel electric scooter.

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How to maintain an electric scooter?

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Like other types of motorized vehicles, an electric scooter maintains itself at a regular rate so that it can perform its functions for as long as possible. Thus, to properly maintain your electric scooter, you must pay particular attention to its batteries which of course act as fuel. These ensure the proper functioning of the machine.

Before recharging them, have the reflex to let them cool down so that their temperature is between 10 to 20°C during recharging.

Do not wait until they are almost empty before recharging them. As soon as the batteries are full, disconnect them to avoid the risk of overcharging. If you drive a lot, test their charge from time to time using a voltmeter or multimeter. In the event that their voltage is lower than 11 volts, they must be replaced immediately.

The suspensions, tires and braking system must undergo periodic maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Above all, remember to check them as regularly as you can for obvious security reasons. Take good care to clean the fairing of your electric scooter as well as its wheels, at least every week. As for the electrical parts, a microfiber cloth should be wiped over them at least once a month.

What are the different models of electric scooter?

There is indeed something for everyone! For your urban journeys, choose a model built for the cities that is easy to maneuver, comfortable and stylish. Urban scooters are in most cases equipped with a 50 cc engine and allowing a top speed of up to 45 km/h. You can drive them without a license.

If you want to enjoy an ultra-comfortable, efficient and safe machine, a 3-wheel electric scooter will certainly make you happy. Such a vehicle avoids you having to put one foot on the ground at each stop, especially since it is equipped with an anti-tilting wheel locking device and a pendulum locking system. It is also an excellent compromise between the comfort of a car and the mobility of a scooter.

A three-wheeled electric scooter also has a seat that is as wide as it is ergonomic, and a high-performance braking system (CBS or ABS). It displays a resolutely modern design and its imposing side guarantees excellent grip in all circumstances. As for its displacement, it can be 50 cc or 125 cc (maximum speed of 100 km/h) according to your needs.

For highway driving, an electric road scooter is best suited. It is just as comfortable as its three-wheeled cousin and can thus allow you to chain the kilometers without getting tired or weakening the machine. Its seat is also wide and ergonomic, not to mention the fact that the vehicle offers an upright driving position. Its versatility allows it to ride easily around town. An electric truck is particularly dynamic and easy to drive. Its engine generally has a displacement of 125 cc and its top speed can reach 120 km.

Beyond the models mentioned above, there are also electric delivery scooters (50 scooter or 125 electric scooter) which are dedicated to professionals. No matter which model you choose, it can feature a multitude of colors and comes in several styles.

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