How can you charge an electric scooter in public?

An electric scooter is of course a godsend. Compared to a bicycle, you can cover greater distances, and it does not cost your body any energy. And you do not suffer from traffic jams, which you would have to deal with with a car. The fact that your moped is electric also ensures that you can hit the road without feeling guilty. But if you leave home with a half-filled battery, what are your options for recharging it?

Charging at a charging station

If you are on the road, you will probably encounter enough charging stations. Nowadays, charging stations can be found in many parking lots. However, they are mainly intended for cars. You cannot simply connect your e-scooter to this. You can only use them if they are emphatically suitable for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV).

Fortunately, there are also more and more charging stations specifically for electric scooters, among other things. You can use your standard cable with such a charging station for e-scooters, because they usually have a regular socket.

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How do you find the nearest charging station?

A charging station to which you can connect your electric moped is generally also suitable for bicycles. You can also find these charging stations via the map with bicycle charging points. Enter your location and you will see at a glance where you can charge your electric scooter.

Other loading options

Charging your scooter at a public charging station is not always the most convenient choice. You have to leave your scooter for a while, which increases the risk of theft. Your e-scooter is also not fully charged in a few minutes, so you have to wait a long time or think of something you can do in the meantime.

There is another option to charge your scooter on the go. You can remove the battery from most scooters. You can then charge it in a normal socket, for example at work or at a restaurant or café. At the end of the working day or your dinner, your battery is fully charged and your next destination is within reach!

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