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If there are no documents for the electric scooter, you may encounter the following problems:

– In Ukraine, today a vehicle with an engine power of up to 3 kW does not require registration with the MREO and a driver’s license. But you can be stopped by the police to check the power of the electric motor. It must be indicated in the document, the inscription on the motor-wheel, which may not exist at all, or may not correspond to reality, is not considered.

– In case of vehicle theft, you will not be able to return your electric scooter, even if you find the thief, since there are no documents confirming that the electric scooter is yours. Right in front of your eyes, the same police officer can pick up an electric bike and you will not prove anything to anyone.

m1ps plating

The battery is the most expensive part of the CityCoco electric scooter. At a low price, a good branded battery can only be delivered to you by mistake. How to avoid buying a scooter with a low-quality battery, and which batteries we install, you can read in our blog. Each of the batteries is tested by us for the value of its capacity, and when you buy CityCoco from us, you get a battery that gives out the real capacity (tolerance of deviations is not more than + – 8%). In addition, each battery undergoes a balancing process after long-term storage at the factory and during delivery, which ensures that its capacity is not lost.

The same goes for electric motors, which is dedicated to a separate blog. In addition, we install a thermal sensor that prevents overheating and a reduction in the resource or failure of the engine due to overloads and improper operation. We also varnish the motor windings, which is not done at the factory due to time savings. If the windings are not varnished, then after 2-3 years of average operation they will fray, as they vibrate due to a strong magnetic field, and an expensive engine repair will be required.

Charger. In the event that the customer receives a charger with a voltage lower than the nominal voltage, the battery will not be able to fully charge, as a result of which the balancing process will not work and the battery will last less than it could. In the event of increased voltage, the battery cell control board may fail, which will lead to overcharging of the cells with all the ensuing consequences. In the standard (minimum) configuration, we give chargers with a current of 2A, they are non-brand, but we check them before giving them to the client. Non-branded chargers can sometimes fail, but in this case we promptly change them. Also, the balancing process when using such charges does not always turn on, since charging simply does not have the function of reducing the current at the end of the charge. Therefore, if you want the battery to last as long as possible, it is better to choose chargers with a high charge current, they are more expensive, but are branded, and reduce the current at the end of the charge to start the balancing process. The seller will tell you in more detail, and will help you choose the best charger for your purposes.


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  • There are a lot of questions about the correspondence between the power of the controller and the electric motor. Namely, if there is a 2000 W motor, then which controller do we use, 1000 W or 2000 W? We conducted such an experiment. If the engine really has a power of 2000 W, and not just an inscription on the case, then a 1000 W controller will work with it, but not for long. Under heavy loads, it will simply burn out within 20 minutes. If you find somewhere on the forum that someone is driving with a 2000W motor and a 1000W controller, then you should know that most likely the power on this motor is much lower than the declared one. We not only check the power of the controller to the engine in each scooter, but also test each scooter under maximum load, and also control the heating of the controller. Starting from 2019, a temperature sensor is installed in each scooter so that in case of significant loads, the controller and the engine do not heat up more than normal, but turn off and cool down.
  • In any electric scooters, such as CityCoco, including branded models, most of the connections are made on connectors, but some are simply assembled on twisted wires and wrapped with electrical tape. In unbranded CityCoco electric bikes, it also happens that in order to save time and money, the Chinese do not install connectors at all, almost all wiring consists of twists, while made in haste. Before selling, we check the wiring of each electric scooter, and if necessary, change the twists to connectors, or solder them and put on heat shrink instead of electrical tape. This eliminates the loss of contact in these places over time.

Attention! If you are intimidated by the fact that the CityCoco electric scooter needs some modifications, and you want to buy the “perfect, factory scooter” from the beginning, then go to https://mangosteenescooter.com/ or “https://mangosteenscooter.com/”and buy the “Mangosteen original” for the appropriate price.

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