How to Ride An Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter is on the rise in the capital. Every day, many city dwellers abandon their car, which is too restrictive and too expensive in the city center, to adopt a simpler and ecological mobility solution. But although it seems simple to master, driving an electric scooter requires having some basics in driving and understanding the road. driving a 50 cm3 electric scooter requires training, you must hold at least the BSR, a classic driving license is also sufficient for this type of vehicle. Driving an electric two-wheeler also requires insurance.

In this article, we will give you advice on choosing the equipment to wear to move around safely, but also to help you be more confident on the road and drive carefully, paying attention to other road users and pedestrians. 


Insertion is an important point. The electric scooter is silent, which decreases the chances of being heard. Always remember to look at the traffic coming from both directions of traffic before you enter, and enter at a speed equivalent to that of other users when you can. When cornering, think about blind spots.

Predict the behavior of other users

Riding a two-wheeler also means taking care of yourself because others will not always do it for you, and can be a risk. Between the random changes of direction of certain motorists or the insertions without turn signals in your lane, you will have to be very attentive.

Be sure to watch cars that are about to turn because some users forget to look in their mirrors and blind spots when cornering. Keep your safe distance from other vehicles, especially if the vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly. This reflex will allow you to benefit from a greater braking distance, especially if you are driving in rainy conditions.

Control your speed

3000W,75kmh electric scooters are more subject to speed-related accident risks. The 50cc versions are less exposed to the dangers of excessive speeds since they are limited to 45 km/h. However, if you drive 3000W,75kmh, it is crucial to respect the limits by not exceeding 50 km/h. The temptation is often great due to its ability to offer sharp acceleration thanks to the electric motor which instantly distributes power to the two-wheeler. The maneuverability of a light two-wheeler can put you and your potential passenger in danger from the behavior of other drivers. So take control and don’t forget your helmets. It is also important to have in mind the exact location of the brakes to minimize the braking distance as much as possible.

Then, if you are in traffic and you take the inter-file, be sure to adopt a reasonable speed. Although the limitation will allow you to drive at a given speed, it is preferable to release the gas a little to be able to anticipate and predict the actions of a car that would depart from its lane without indicators. This is very common in urban areas.


The electric scooter does not have motor brakes. Therefore, when decelerating, your scooter will continue its momentum and ask you to apply the brakes. For optimum braking, brake gradually with both hands, avoiding sudden braking. The idea is to brake effectively without locking your wheels, which could cause a fall. Also remember to balance yourself well when the speed becomes very low, and don’t hesitate to put your left foot or your right foot down to stay stable.


Riding an electric scooter meets the same requirements as riding a motorcycle. To travel, whatever the power of your two-wheeler, the mandatory equipment is the same. You must first wear an approved helmet (ECE or NF label), which must obviously be attached. Then come the gloves, which must also be homologated. equipping yourself with a motorcycle jacket can also be an additional protection.

Riding without a helmet, with a helmet not attached or not homologated is punished by a withdrawal of 3 points from the license and a fine of up to €375. For the absence of gloves, it is a point and a fine of 180 euros. Be rigorous with your own safety to avoid all risks.

Mangosteen helps its customers to equip themselves since 300€ of accessories are offered for the first customers, which is a significant saving compared to equipment that can sometimes be expensive.


The solutions is available to you to recharge your electric two-wheeler. If you have a scooter equipped with a removable battery, all you have to do is plug it in at home, directly into a mains socket. Conversely, if your battery is non-removable, you will need to connect to a suitable outlet using your scooter’s charging cable (usually sold with your scooter).

As a reminder

If you were born before 1988 you do not need to pass the BSR (road safety certificate) corresponding to the AM category of the driving licence. If you were born in 1988 or later, you must, according to road safety, hold one of the following practical training courses in the highway code:

– License category other than category AM

– BSR corresponding to category AM

– An equivalent European title (you can always take additional training if you wish to familiarize yourself with driving two-wheelers in France)

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