Mangosteen Scooter Cruise Model Enter Chinese Market

M8S appear at Cologne, Mangosteen scooter cruise model is about to enter the Chinese market.

Looking at the world, the electric motorcycle market is developing in the direction of personalized toys, and Magustin has also developed a unique market in the American retro field. Since the last time Xiaolei introduced MANGOSTEEN-M1PS, many netizens have Is there a more sporty and aggressive American retro model in the backstage private message? This time Xiaolei will introduce the MANGOSTEEN – M8S.

The pure electric American retro cruiser that is popular in Europe and America, MANGOSTEEN actually comes from China!

Mangosteen M8S adopts a style similar to Flat Track (mud lap race) in appearance, adding a sporty appearance and configuration to the style of the American retro cruise car, and constantly doing “subtraction” in the appearance design. Achieving a streamlined appearance.

M8S’s more exaggerated brake system, thicker inverted front shock, mid-mounted rear shock, sportier front shock rake angle, including some details, blackened wheels, shortened rear fenders and U-shaped The rear rocker arm makes the M8S completely different from the previous M1PS. The appearance and configuration of the M8S are more sporty.

Instrumentation of MANGOSTEEN M8S

The appearance of the full-color LCD instrument is more individual, which is different from the general mold in the general market. The overall shape of the instrument echoes the Mangosteen LOGO, and the information display has a sense of technology, especially the speed display of the curve is the same as the instrument design, with power display, speed and Gear display, speed display.

The 14-inch wheels of the M8S are very sturdy, with a front wheel width of 120mm and a rear wheel width of 215mm. Dual-piston brake calipers are used at the front and rear. The brake disc is different from the usual ones. When braking, the brake pads are in contact with the disc. The inner side, front and rear disc brake discs are directly fixed on the hub.


Different from the past, the battery adopts a side opening. After the battery is unlocked, it can be pulled out from the side for easy charging and replacement. The M8S is divided into two versions: 60V 45A and 72V 35A.

The riding experience of MANGOSTEEN M8s

Xiaolei shared with you the riding experience of this M8S after a simple ride and the difference between the M8S and the M1PS. The M8S body is only 122kg with a larger diameter brake disc, so the overall braking effect is very strong. The front and rear brakes are equipped with With the CBS linkage brake, the front wheel brakes or the rear wheel brakes are operated separately, and both wheels of the motorcycle can be effectively braked.

The sports version of the M8S is more flexible in handling, the wheelbase of 1410mm is also shorter than that of the M1PS, the handlebars are more upright and closer to the body, and the pedals are different from the front pedals of the retro cruise. The M8S pedals are closer to the body, and the riding triangle is more Approaching, the M8S is also different from the M1PS in terms of shock absorption tuning. The inverted shock absorption pays more attention to support in tuning, and it feels more sporty and heavy braking will not sink your head.

MANGOSTEEN M8S participated in the Cologne exhibition in Germany

At the Cologne exhibition in Germany in October, Mangosteen participated with new products, and more and more Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers went abroad to get international business cards. The reaction of users in the European and American markets can also be seen from the fiery situation on the spot. Mangosteen was originally going to be listed at the Chongqing Motor Show in September. With the postponement of the Chongqing Motor Show, he will meet with domestic riders in November.

First of all, the M8S car made Xiao Lei clear about Mangosteen determination to be a sports model. It is not easy for American retro models to be sports models. M8S and M1PS are not the way to change the models with nesting dolls. The car settings are to re-build a sports electric motorcycle. The shock absorption has been adjusted for many times and it has performed well. In terms of electronic control settings, the M8S is faster than the American retro M1PS.

For Mangosteen, which is going international, there are already a number of hot-selling export products from the original OEM to now becoming its own brand. Mangosteen is more based on personalized electric motorcycles and play-type electric motorcycles. host. Xiaolei is also looking forward to the debut of the Mangosteen electric car at the Chongqing Motor Show in November, which will enrich the play options for domestic motorcycle fans.

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