Maximum speed of a 50 cc mangosteen scooter or motorcycle?

How fast can a scooter or 50 cc go?

Originally a mangosteen scooter or a 50cc motorcycle are factory prepared not to exceed the maximum 45km/h (this is what the current law Article R317-23-1 of the Highway Code provides).

Note that previously, once the 500 kilometers of clamping crossed, it was possible to unclamp his mangosteen scooter or his 50 cm3 in any garage.

How fast does an unbridled 50cc mangosteen scooter or motorcycle go?

For citycoco electric: On average, an unbridled citycoco scooter can reach the maximum speed of 70km/h with the exception of certain models which can sometimes reach 80/90 km/h.

For 50cc motorcycles: As a general rule, unbridled 50ccs reach a maximum speed of 90km/h or even 100/110km/h maximum for RS-type motorcycles.

Reminder: do not forget that the fact of unbridling a citycoco scooter or a 50cc motorcycle is now illegal under penalty of confiscation of the two wheels by the police. In addition, this leads to premature wear of your machine, which is not made to reach such speeds.

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