2023 New Scooter Mangosteen Scooter M2


SKU: MS026535

2023 New Scooter Mangosteen M2 special type of electrical scooter, with strong front shock absorbers, the version offers stylish and cost-free use with 2023 New Scooter Mangosteen M2 comfortable driver and also passenger seat in all surface and road problems. 2023 New Scooter Mangosteen M2 has 45km/h, 30A/40A battery for choose.

If you need 25km/h, please contact us

Frame MaterialSeamless steel pipe
Tire Wheel hubAluminum wheel 12inch
Packing size192*37.5*77
High speed75km/h
Acceleration modeHandleber Acceleration
Braking methodFront and Rear Hydraulic disc brake
Power60V 2000W, Brushless DC motor
Charging time4-6H
Battery capacity60V20A1500W
60V20A2000W EEC
60V30A2000W EEC
3000W(high speed 75KM/H)


Motor PowerEEC version2000W3000W
Max Speed45km/h60km/h75km/h

60V40A3000W version for choose!(High speed 75KM/H)



The mangosteen scooter M2 performance outs perform all other Mangosteen escooters in its cost array


Lithium battery entirely hidden inside the frame, water-proof and also dust evidence, doubt defense, solid output, always secure. Pure electric can reach a mileage of about 60km.

Citycoco 2000w electric scooter Smooth steel pipe

The advantage of mid-motor on rode citycoco scooter is that it can best maintain the front as well as back equilibrium, will certainly not impact the shocks absorption as well as is less effected on bumpy road. Mid-motor is exact in dimension, quick in torque action and also durable in life time.

Experience the thrill of riding the citycoco m2 electric scooter with ease. Mangosteen citycoco 2000w electric scooter powerful 2000W motor allows you to reach speeds of up to 45km/h, giving you the freedom to go at full speed whenever you desire. With a super-long endurance that can cover up to 60km, you can enjoy your ride without any worries. Start your journey in style with the citycoco m2 and enjoy the ultimate riding experience.

Additional information


30A, 40A


Black, Red, Orange, Green, Wine Red


Black, Brown

Max Speed

45km/h, 25km/h

10 reviews for 2023 New Scooter Mangosteen Scooter M2

  1. Sonya H. Chapman

    It’s a great scooter over all, has no problems, came in great condition. I am happy with it. thank you so much.

  2. Gabrielle Harris

    Mine rides two people just fine. I am 200 pound my with is 125 pounds. Bike still cruises along at 38 to 41 mph. The 3000 watt with my body weight will cruises at 38mph without taxing all the power ?? 41 to 45 with open throttle. Climbs small hills with no effort.
    Great bike for small trips to the store or to work. But I like cruising the local state parks. Fits I in a bike lane even with the luggage compartments I added.

  3. wilmar

    Bigger, stronger, faster; literally! This 2000 watt, 30 amp, puts this sled up to 42mph, qwicker, than my 2 ; 2000 watt, 20 amp, scooters! The big fat hydrologic brakes, stop it just as qwickly. The wider, tubeless tires, gives a real solid good feel on the street.The huge front forks, absorb any bumps. The headlight, is even better than advertised, as you can see, the low and high beam, are much better than the other 6 scooters. I definitely would recommend the added two tailit, on the upper rail, because as you can see, the single, low position, tailite, is not much, but everything else about this bike is much more. Worth every penny! ??Love it.

  4. Jeannie Burrus

    My wife I both own two different models. The 3000 watt and the 2000 watt.
    Both bikes do well on sandy roads blacktop roads and concrete roads.

  5. Christian

    I enjoy riding my scooter, very nice ride. Good material. Customer service is amazing.

  6. Hector L. Wright

    I have over 200 miles on both bikes. Had no issues other than regular maintenance with keeping the bolts tight. Mine the 3000 watt is pretty fast and keeps up with city traffic. Battery last a long time and does not slow the bike down as you use up the power cell, steady flow of power.

  7. Jeremy

    The scooter itself was shipped super fast.

  8. Linn Yonkee

    I got my M2 in and couldn’t wait to get it together. The quality of the scooter is very good. The style is great as a lot of people have asked, “is that a Harley Scooter?”. This thing has got plenty of power to get you around town. I weigh over 200 lbs. and it has no problem with take-off. It is so quiet and that is great for the rides on the back roads to enjoy nature. Love this scooter!!!

  9. DonkeyDongJon

    This scooter is amazing. Love the feature, had some issues with the screen, and upon arrival the front fend was broken. But with the great product comes great customer service, I got replacement part in not time. And now I¡¯m enjoy the ride this e-bike provides. If you are looking for something fun to ride, I highly recommend getting yourself one of these.

  10. Leo L. Wang

    Mangosteen M8 Electric Scooter is easy to balance on and ride because of it’s wide tires. The seat is comfortable because it is wide and the padding is thick. There is enough torque to climb hills which gives me the confidence to go anywhere. The long battery life means I can be spontaneous and go as far as my time and schedule will allow me and do it all again the next day because of short time required to recharge the battery. Riding my M8 on city roads at night is safe because the lighting system is plenty bright for drivers to see me and fast and maneuverable enough to avoid trouble. I use it for inner city commuting, grocery shopping and most importantly fun and freedom.

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