Can you ride an eBike without the battery?

Electronic bikes can be ridden without a battery or with a fully discharged battery. Some have more drive resistance, though, depending on whether the electric motor is fully discharged or not. There are a variety of options, some terrible, some great. Currently, my cycle requires pedaling and my motor requires fuel.

What is the future of e-bikes?

In a word, “very bright.”

The road for electric motorcycle manufacturers is relatively easy compared to cars and buses. Fewer parts are needed, and the design and power supply are simpler. The biggest reason, however, is the large demand and low relative cost of purchase.

India is a country that loves the concept of motorcycles. On the one hand, people use two-wheelers on a daily basis because they are cheaper and more nimble to carry themselves and their belongings. On the other hand, there are those who ride two-wheelers because they are cool and fun.

For both groups, it would be easier to buy or test ride a new and unknown electric motorcycle than to pay a lot of money for an electric car.

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