Tips for charging your Escooter

When you purchase an electric scooter escooter, you must handle it properly. After all, you don’t want other problems to occur, so you can expect a considerable cost item with your battery, for example. It is therefore important that you always handle your escooter and the associated battery correctly, so that you do not incur this cost item. It is therefore best to get started with the tips below, so that your battery lasts for years and you will benefit greatly from your new means of transport. Also take the different batteries into consideration, because you have to work with this in a different way.

Multiple battery models at your disposal

Your escooter can have two different batteries. One is a lead battery, the other a lithium battery. A lead variant can often be found with the cheaper escooters, but weighs more and requires more maintenance. A lithium battery is lighter, but delivers much more power. Due to the large amount of possibilities and the different models, it has even become possible to opt for a removable battery, so that charging can be done at any location. However, you must know how to charge the battery correctly and how to extend its lifespan as long as possible until you have to switch to a new battery. The lifespan can be made longer than just a few charging cycles with just a few simple actions.

An extra battery charger never hurts

First of all, it is important that you regularly charge the battery of your electric scooter escooter. This benefits the life of the battery. It is best to use the supplied battery charger for this. Both the charger and the battery itself are both vulnerable, so you have to offer good protection during transport and charging. So if you want to use your escooter for work, it is advisable to have an extra charger, so that you do not have to carry it around too much. This can also ensure that less damage is done to the battery and that you can use it longer than if you constantly take the battery charger with you.

Never fully discharged

In addition, there are a few tips that can help you get more out of your battery. One is not waiting for it to run out completely. Too far discharged ensures that the battery can no longer deliver the best performance and the lifespan will be considerably shortened. It is therefore best to discharge it to a maximum of 80 percent of its capacity before attaching the battery charger to it. If you take this into account, you won’t have to look at a battery again in a few years. Keep in mind that 80 percent is about 10.5 volts. If you remember this, almost nothing can go wrong. After all, you are regularly busy charging, so that the battery remains busy and therefore does not become lazy, as it were.

A controller provides additional security

Depending on your budget, you can go for a more expensive variant, which not only requires less maintenance, but also has electronic controllers that can prevent a deep discharge. For example, it is always indicated in time that you need to recharge your scooter, without having to keep an eye on everything yourself. However, you can reduce wear and tear by recharging the battery every day. Not only does this not make your battery lazy, you also have less chance that the battery will drain further than you initially expected. Despite the fact that you don’t use it, the battery will still become slightly empty. Just think about your phone. Even if it is somewhere else in the house and nothing is running in the background, a few percentages will be deducted. This works the same with the battery of your scooter. The escooter can therefore be empty faster than you expected.

Provide electricity in your battery

A discharged battery can also cause a lot of damage. By not charging your battery every day or leaving it in a discharged state, it will wear out faster. If you top up every day, you won’t have any problems with this. If you have used the escooter for a long time in one day and put it in the garage without recharging, you will notice that the escooter will unexpectedly cause problems. As a result, not only does the battery break down faster, giving you an extra cost item, but you can also suddenly be faced with surprises because your escooter no longer starts. You also do not have the option to leave immediately when necessary. In an emergency, you still have to resort to other means of transport to get somewhere on time.

Never overcharge your battery

It is also important that you pay close attention while charging the battery. The battery charger and battery must be placed in a dry and ventilated area at all times. This way you prevent the moisture from striking or the heat from taking over from both devices. It is also important that you do not cover the battery charger with things. Although it may be easy to pay attention to it, this only entails adverse consequences. For example, the fan cannot provide cooling, causing the battery to overheat. An overheated battery provides little or no performance and your escooter will no longer start. Therefore, make sure that it is always free, so that it stays cool and the problems will not occur.

Charge even with less use

Do you not use the escooter often? Then you will also have to ensure that you charge the battery. You should not leave the battery with a discharged battery for a long time. The battery becomes lazy or is eventually discharged to such an extent that the battery charger can no longer charge it. When you are sure that you will not be using the escooter for a few days, you must still have the battery fully charged. Even if you only use the escooter once a month or even less, you should do this. The battery needs to be charged once a month. You can also use a trickle charger for this. This ensures that the battery can remain connected to the charger for a longer period of time without overcharging. It checks every time whether the battery is full enough or whether something needs to be added. You no longer have to keep up with it yourself.

Extra maintenance during the winter months

Even in the winter months you have to pay close attention to how you charge your battery. The cold months can be an extra attack on the battery and the charger that goes with it. That is why you should always ensure that you load and store both parts preferably in a heated room. For this, there should preferably not be a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius, so that no negative effect occurs. When the battery is completely discharged, it can freeze. A fully charged battery cannot do this. So if you don’t have a warm room at your disposal, you will have to make sure that the battery is full. Therefore, remember to always leave it charged in a shed or storage room, so that you can prevent your escooter from suddenly not starting.

Watch your wallet

With the above tips you can ensure that you always have a properly working battery, which extends the lifespan considerably. You only have to follow the tips above, so that heavy maintenance can be avoided. In addition, you also prevent you from incurring new costs for the purchase of a battery, which is also good for your wallet. Purchasing a new battery is a considerable expense, which you would prefer to postpone as long as possible. By handling your battery carefully and always keeping it in a good place, you can ensure that it can last for many charging cycles. Add the trickle charger to this for even more conveniences and you can ensure that your battery can last for a number of years.

Benefit from your new escooter

In addition, you can always read yourself to learn even more about the battery you have. It is not only important to know how your battery is put together, but also based on the variant you have. The lead battery needs a different way of charging than a lithium battery, so you have to pay close attention to how you handle the battery. Also consider the maintenance that needs to be carried out once in a while. This maintenance is necessary to preserve the quality of the battery and to keep your escooter always working. If you keep all this in mind, you will never have problems with your new means of transport again and you will benefit from it for years to come.

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