What Is Mangosteen Scooter?

With the development of two rounds of global electric new energy, many domestic personalized citycoco scooter companies are flourishing overseas. Why is MANGOSTEEN, a brand that appeared two years ago, active in sales in Europe and the United States, and why has it been supported by many users in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States?

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In terms of brand exposure, Mangosteen has participated in motorcycle exhibitions in Cologne, Germany and Milan, Italy. In fact, it is not only in the international market. It was originally planned to be remodeled and debuted at the Chongqing Exhibition in September. and delayed.

In terms of products, the current foreign products are the basic versions exported by Mangosteen. The domestic ones are upgraded versions. The domestic versions will be different. The upgraded cruising range will be more refined in terms of materials and workmanship. The latest domestic version will be available at Overseas sales began simultaneously, and the first batch of new versions of the models have been shipped abroad.

Today, Mangosteen will share with you the M1PS citycoco scooter, which has an American retro style and is currently the flagship product of Mangosteen overseas.摩


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This MANGOSTEEN – M1PS mangosteen scooter is different from general citycoco scooters in that it has an American retro style in terms of playing posture, and if it is performance, it is very different from the traditional American retro style, that is, it has a good electric model. performance.

MANGOSTEEN M1PS original factory has strong power. Equipped with a Transit aluminum alloy motor, it can output 4000W of power, and the maximum speed is set at 80Km/h. It uses Samsung’s 72V40A battery. When fully charged, the battery life can be 140km in point-saving mode.


In terms of appearance, M1PS adopts a large number of chrome-plated parts to enhance the texture of the whole vehicle, and the water drop-shaped fuel tank is an indispensable classic element of American retro. The circular chrome-plated LCD instrument and chrome-plated LED blackened turn signals add a sense of technology in addition to the classic American retro style.

The frame is made of seamless steel pipe to ensure the strength, the gross weight of the car is 120Kg, the front inverted shock absorber, the rear spring hydraulic shock absorber, the hydraulic front opposite four-piston caliper, and the rear one-way two-piston caliper. The maximum vehicle load is 200kg.


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In terms of product positioning, the popularity of the MANGOSTEEN M1PS citycoco scooter 2000w in the foreign market is also due to the serious homogeneity of electric vehicles at present. What kind of business models are popular, such as the previous foreign “trend” two-wheeled brand Super73. Commuter models in the shape of retro motorcycles are being imitated by more and more electric two-wheel manufacturers, flooding the international market, as are retro off-road electric bicycles.

M1PS chose the American retro style in a different way. Just like American retro models, owning an M1PS is just the beginning, making yourself and your car a different existence. Only by being unique can you be considered a true American retro player.


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The appearance of the MANGOSTEEN-M1PS also broke the stereotype of the electric two-wheeled vehicle market, that is, the electric vehicle needs to be fast, performance, specific power, specific torque, and now M1PS brings a new way of playing to the electric two-wheeled market.

Mangosteen scooter is not a tool for comfort and people-carrying, it doesn’t need to be fast, powerful, and it can’t give you the sound of a motorcycle, but it can give you style in a corner coffee shop and a crowded street. The stage of display, it can give you a big toy that can express your inner thoughts and carry your soul in the era of homogenization of citycoco scooter 2000w development.

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