What do you pay for and how to buy cheaper of Mangosteen scooter? (2)

If the price for an expensive electric bike, when you order it yourself, somehow turns out to be a little lower than in our store, and you are not embarrassed by the lack of documents and any guarantee for the electric scooter itself, then how will your CityCoco differ from those sold by us in the store? The answer to this question is a description of the pre-sales preparation items that we carry out in each scooter.

Threaded connections. This is the part of the electric scooter that most affects your safety and riding comfort. Therefore, although we do not guarantee threaded connections, they are checked and put in order before being handed over to the customer. We do not use thread sealant, so strong vibration can cause these connections to loosen. We strongly recommend that you periodically check all connections, especially if there are extraneous sounds. At your request, we can use a thread sealant, and the connections will not unwind. But, you may not be able to unscrew them if necessary.

citycoco electric motorcycle

Wheels. In some cases, tires are put on the disc crookedly and when driving even at low speeds, they create a beating. Since we conduct a test drive of each electric bike before giving it back to the client, if a wheel runout is detected, we reboard it. Also, we pay attention to the brakes, because due to an incorrectly installed caliper or pads, there may be a bad roll, hence a reduced range. But please keep in mind that a slight runout of the wheels can still remain and it is completely impossible to overcome it. The likely reason is that electric scooters stay in one place for a long time while sailing the sea, in addition, often the pressure in the tires is greatly reduced, which leads to rubber deformation. The beating in such cases is noticeable only at high speed, and so that it is not felt, you can try to reduce the pressure in the tires.

  • In almost all models of CityCoco electric bikes, it is very simple and practically cannot have problems, since it consists of ordinary springs. Our only advantage is that we can tailor it to the client. For example, initially springs are installed in the rear shock absorber, designed for a weight of 250-300 kg, which will be harsh for most users. We have developed various options for softer springs and can supply them at the request of the client.
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Frame. It is made of thick steel pipes and is a very durable structure that can withstand much more passenger weight than stated in the specifications. Many users ask if welds are visible? We have to answer: “You pay almost the entire cost for the battery, motor, controller and attachments. Almost all customers agree that it makes no sense to pay extra for grinding welds and other decorative work, since this absolutely does not affect the driving process. If this is important to you, and you want a perfectly smooth frame with the highest quality paint, like on the original Scrooser, we can do it especially for you. But at the same time, the cost of the scooter will increase significantly.” The wings are plastic, of course, you should not expect great strength from them. When hit, entering deep holes, they can break. Also the holders with which they are attached to the frame. There is nothing to worry about, since this is not an expensive repair, which in most cases is easily done at home with ordinary glue. But for an additional fee, we can strengthen the structure if you live in a region with very bad roads, or buy scooters for rent.


Customization. CityCoco electric scooters have a fairly large number of functions that are not available from the factory, for example, cruise control. We add these features to provide a more comfortable ride and improve vehicle performance.

Pre-sale preparation of the CityCoco electric bike on the above points takes quite a lot of time. Each scooter takes from 3 to 8 hours of continuous operation. You can immediately buy electric scooters that are in our stores to show customers and test drive. In addition, we try to always collect and keep in stock a certain number of electric scooters ready for sale in various configurations. But at the same time (especially in the period March-October), when ordering a certain configuration (wing color, engine and battery power), there may not be a ready-made option, so you may have to wait a few days while we prepare and test the new CityCoco electric scooter for you .

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Quite often, customers try to blackmail us into going out and buying the same product from our competitors. Our answer: “It’s not a problem. Yes, a similar product is sold in Ukraine, at the same time, quite widely. But almost all sellers of such goods do not give a real guarantee and they do not have a service center. From the practice of not our customers contacting us at the service center, often the product has the same quality and configuration as if you had received it by purchasing it from the link on Alibaba provided at the beginning of the article.

Such electric scooters often after purchase quite soon require expensive repairs associated with the replacement of the battery, motor and other components. Even if you are promised a warranty, in the event of an overheating of the motor / controller, this is most likely to be considered a non-warranty case, attributed to improper operation or exceeding the maximum loads. There is no standard protection against overheating, as well as the concept of correct / incorrect operation. Therefore, dear buyer, it is very likely that if for some reason you buy an electric bike not from us, then someday contact us for service and spare parts.”

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Keep in mind that when buying an electric scooter directly from China, you will receive absolutely no warranty! We have verified this in our own experience: even we, wholesale customers, do not have a real guarantee from Chinese factories. We give a guarantee to our customers on our own behalf. In addition, as the experience of users of the largest Russian-language forum of electric transport shows, even when ordering branded models like LUQI HL 3.0, goods can arrive in a terrible condition, and sometimes even non-working. The Chinese are not interested in retail customers (it doesn’t matter if you order through an intermediary or by yourself), so they deliberately push marriage to them. It is worth ordering through an intermediary only if you are sure that he will refund the money in case of marriage, and writes out the corresponding check.

In addition, we remind you that we are making changes to the Chinese development of some models. For example, models such as CityCoco Ride, CityCoco Ride Pro are the development of our store together with the Chinese. Of course, other factories may copy them over time, and there may already be similar products on sale. But we are always one step ahead, always striving to maximize the technical characteristics and quality of products, making our own changes to the development, taking into account the comments and wishes of customers.

Mangosteen Ebike FT-01

In 2023, we assembled the most powerful Citicoco in the world from branded quality components, its peak power reaches 20,000 W! It took us 2 years to find a factory that agreed to produce a rim suitable for the CityCoco form factor, which already installed a branded engine from QS Motors.

Despite this, almost all customers are interested in the question:

“How can you buy a CityCoco electric scooter in our store, but cheaper? Bargaining is appropriate?”

There is an opportunity to buy an electric scooter cheaper and without compromising quality in the off-season. During this period, there are no such a large number of orders, the craftsmen do not overwork, therefore, the cost of assembling an electric scooter is lower, which is reflected in the final price. During the season, it may also sometimes be possible to get a lower price for some configurations, but taking into account the fact that you will wait for your order for some time, for example, a week – a month.

If you want to buy a CityCoco electric bike at a significant discount, and you do not need the above changes and improvements, we can sell you an electric scooter “out of the box” – in the form we get it from China. We cannot give you a warranty for such an electric scooter. But it will be safer than ordering it yourself from China, since you will have the opportunity to check its performance at the time of receipt and payment.

Attention! If you are intimidated by the fact that the CityCoco electric scooter needs some modifications, and you want to buy the “perfect, factory scooter” from the beginning, then go to http://mangosteenescooter.com/ or “https://mangosteenscooter.com/”and buy the “Mangosteen original” for the appropriate price.

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