Can a car battery go on my e-moped?

I personally don’t know of any electronic mopeds that run on only 12V systems. Most mopeds are 36V or higher and that would be a slow moped. I don’t believe there is room on a moped for more than 3 batteries in series to equal the required voltage.

I think there are at least 50 motors in my car that run on 12 volts DC, from the starter motor to the motor that adjusts the air conditioner flaps. So it’s obvious.

If the motors require a voltage other than 12 volts DC, converters and inverters are available and can provide whatever is needed.

All batteries have the ability to store electrical energy as chemical energy and release it as needed.

EVs require a certain amount of power to move from a standstill and maintain cruising speed. Most automotive batteries have that capability, but from a quantum perspective, dedicated EV batteries may be lagging behind in being manufactured and brought to market.

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