Do E-mopeds Work Uphill?

E-mopeds depend on the design philosophy of the moped. Some are built for weight reduction and range, while others are not upgradeable. Others are made for hills, but they are heavier and do not offer the same range.

Whether an e-moped can handle hills depends on factors such as motor power, battery capacity, and the weight of the rider and luggage. In general, mopeds with higher wattage motors and larger capacity batteries perform better on uphill slopes. In addition, mopeds may have a shorter range on steep hills due to increased power consumption.

As one customer says: “It would be futile to generalize since there are many different types of e-bikes with various gearing, pedal assist levels, and motor power capabilities. But from my own experience, my mangosteen is great.

I am in my 70’s and find myself struggling to climb hills that I could climb 30 years ago with no problem. i bought an e-bike because I wanted to enjoy the hobby for a few more years and didn’t want to be limited in my routes. My e-bike has 7 gears on the rear hub and 5 pedal assist. I use the pedal assist as if it were a gear on the front sprocket. That means I have 35 gears!

Yesterday I biked up the steepest hill in my neighborhood. I used the level 5 PA and temporarily dropped to 2nd gear. I didn’t have to pedal. Of course, I was left with lactitis in my legs.

So in my experience, I am very happy with the bike’s performance.”

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