How to Replace Mangosteen Citycoco M8S Controller

Here are the detailed steps for replacing a Mangosteen electric motorcycle M8S controller:

 1.Disconnect the power: Make sure the model is completely disconnected from power. Turn off the power switch and disconnect the battery connector.

2.Remove the original controller: Locate the position of the original controller, it is inside a box above the battery. Use a screwdriver and wrench to remove the controller’s mounting screws or nuts, and carefully take out the controller.

3.Check the wiring: Before removing the new controller, carefully inspect the wiring of the original controller. Make sure to note down the connection positions and colors of each wire for proper reconnection when installing the new controller.

4.Install the new controller: Carefully place the new controller into the position of the original controller and secure it using a screwdriver and wrench. Ensure that the screws or nuts are tight to securely fix the controller to the model.

5.Connect the wires: According to the previously noted wire connection positions and colors, properly connect each wire to the new controller. Ensure the connections are tight to prevent loosening or disconnection.

6.Assemble the parts: After installing the new controller, reassemble the box under the model in the reverse order and secure them with a screwdriver and wrench.

7.Connect the power: Properly connect the battery connector to the new controller, ensuring a secure connection.

8.Test: After reconnecting the power and completing the installation, turn on the power switch and test whether the new controller is functioning properly. Make sure other electrical components and features of the model are also working normally.

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