It is now known that many people find it a very pleasant means of transport, but how do you charge an electric scooter? It can be charged via a normal wall socket. So you don’t need a special charging point. As with electric bicycles, most e-scooters are equipped with a removable lithium battery. The big advantage of this is that you can charge it anywhere where there is an outlet. If you use the electric scooter for commuting to and from work, for example, you can charge the battery at your workplace while the scooter is in the parking space. Storing in a shed or storage room where there is no socket is also no problem.

Get the most out of the battery of the e-scooter

The charging time of most batteries takes an average of two to three hours. There are a number of things you should take into account to extend the life of the battery. For example, just like with smartphones, it is better not to wait until the battery is completely empty before charging. Charging every day, even if the battery is not empty, is recommended. Charge the battery with the charger in a dry and ventilated area and do not cover it during charging. When discharging, it is recommended not to do this beyond 80% of the capacity. Are you not using the electric scooter for a long time? Then always put it away with a full battery. Make sure that the room where the e-scooter and the battery are located is at least 10 degrees Celsius, but preferably a bit warmer. A low temperature has a negative effect on the battery.

Just load and drive!

With a full battery of the electric scooter you can cover about 60 to 70 kilometers in total. If you follow the tips in this blog, you will get the best results from the battery of your e-scooter. No more high fuel costs or starting problems. Just plug it in and drive away. We wish you many safe kilometers!

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