Can You Ride Electric Scooter on Sidewalk?

The use of mangosteen scooter has been very successful for several years now. Indeed, its ecological and practical side seduces many people. However, this means of transport brings great flexibility to users, which can lead them to be a little lax with certain rules. It is therefore necessary to be aware of these, for the safety of all and to avoid penalties. Discover in this article all the information on this subject.

All about prohibitions and obligations when riding

EDPMs (Personal Mobility Devices) now have a place in the highway code, even if they were devoid of strict regulations when they arrived. There are many rules to follow when riding an electric citycoco scooter.

Traveling by electric citycoco scooter: safety in the face of the law

First of all, it is worth knowing that you must ride on the cycle paths. In the absence of these, you can absolutely drive on the road or in pedestrian areas. However, to drive on pedestrian areas, you must respect a pace of 6 km/h, which is walking speed. This will not bother pedestrians or rush them.

Traffic on the sidewalks is prohibited, except insofar as the mayor of the city in question has authorized it. If this is the case, you must also drive at a speed of 6 km/h. In addition, you can park on the sidewalk, provided again, that you do not interfere with pedestrians.

However, it depends on the cities. The mayor can decide to ban it. This is the case in the city of Paris, where parking on the sidewalk is prohibited. By doing this, you will be liable to a fine of €49, with the pound costs which will be your responsibility.

To drive this type of device, you must be at least 12 years old. Namely that you must be one and the same person to drive, you cannot be with another person.

It is a personal device and you risk a sanction if you do not respect this law. The latter is indicated in article R412-43-3: “Motorized personal transport vehicles can only carry one driver.” By breaking this rule, you risk paying a fine of €35. If the person driving is under the minimum age, the parent will have to pay the bill.


Regarding equipment, you must wear a helmet if you ride outside built-up areas. It is also recommended to wear a retro-reflective vest, especially in low light, night and day.

Your electric citycoco scooter must also be equipped with front and rear lights, brakes, a buzzer and a rear and side reflector. Even if you rent the machine, make sure that it has all these elements and that everything works properly.

Stay protected with Mangosteen scooter insurance

Another obligation to consider when riding an electric citycoco scooter is to take out insurance. Indeed, you must have civil liability as an electric scooter user and pay scooter insurance. This will keep you covered and protected on the go.

Be aware that if you do not present insurance during an inspection, you risk, also in this case, a heavy fine. As stated in article L211-1: “All motorized land vehicles must be covered by insurance.” So, if you don’t respect this, you risk a fine of €3,750.

So, to avoid this type of inconvenience and to cover yourself in the event of damage, go to Mangosteen electric citycoco scooter. You will be sure to benefit from many advantages, for an incredible price. Indeed, from only five euros including tax per month, you can pay for insurance that will allow you to drive with complete peace of mind.

The only condition required to take out insurance with Mangosteen electric citycoco scooter is to be at least 18 years old. Then, you can make an online quote, in order to have access to all the offers available. It will only take you two minutes of your time!

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