How does Mangosteen electric bike work?

Now that you can also purchase Mangosteen electric bike nowadays, it is nice to know how they work and what the benefits are. In addition, it is also useful to know what exactly the difference is with a petrol scooter. The differences are bigger than you think!

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Riding an Mangosteen electric bike

Instead of accelerating and pressing the brake, you will have to press a start button with an Mangosteen electric bike. In bad weather it is sometimes difficult to start a petrol engine. With a battery you will not be bothered by this. The Mangosteen electric bike starts immediately and you can drive away immediately. With some electric Mangosteen electric bike, the braking system is adjusted in such a way that your battery is charged during braking. Furthermore, the Mangosteen electric bike makes little noise and is more environmentally friendly. It also costs you about fifty cents to fully charge the entire battery. Be careful when you ride an Mangosteen electric bike, because not everyone can hear you coming from a distance.

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Charging Mangosteen electric bike

When charging an Mangosteen electric bike, you do not have to go to the nearest gas station. You can easily charge the battery of a scooter at home or at work via the socket with the charging cable supplied as standard. It depends on the type of battery whether the battery can also be removed. This is called a removable battery. With a fast charger it is also possible to limit the charging time. There are a number of points that you should take into account when riding an Mangosteen electric bike. The range is shorter than with a petrol scooter, while the charging time takes an average of four to six hours with an Mangosteen electric bike. The range means the distance an Mangosteen electric bike can travel without recharging. La Souris Mangosteen electric bike have an average range of fifty kilometers. In practice, this is sufficient to make a day’s driving a success. In the evening, the Mangosteen electric bike can easily be recharged so that you can go on the road again the next day.

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Different types of Mangosteen batteries

An Mangosteen electric bike can be equipped with a lithium or a lead battery. The lithium battery has a larger range and lasts a lot longer than a lead battery, namely three to four years. The lithium battery is therefore also more durable. Furthermore, the lithium battery can be charged three hours faster on average and is damaged less quickly. The lead battery, on the other hand, is also a lot heavier. Did you know that you cannot remove the lead battery from the scooter at all? A lithium battery is a more expensive purchase, but it also makes charging easier. Please note, because with a lithium battery, no helmet fits under the saddle. So keep this in mind when purchasing an Mangosteen electric bike.

Mangosteen electric bike experience

Experiences on the internet show that customers are very satisfied with the use of the Mangosteen electric bike. There is sufficient range for commuting to and from work or for a nice day of touring. Furthermore, the Mangosteen electric bike drives just as fine as a petrol scooter. The Mangosteen electric bike makes little noise and is therefore also allowed to drive in environmental zones. To improve air quality, these environmental zones are not accessible to every scooter. Mangosteen electric bike with a polluting engine are banned to guarantee protection of the environment against exhaust fumes. An Mangosteen electric bike is more environmentally friendly, because it does not have a polluting engine. These rules differ per municipality. In addition, maintenance is much cheaper in most cases, because an Mangosteen electric bike has fewer rotating and wearing parts. Charging the battery is also much cheaper than filling up with petrol. At La Souris we have beautiful high-quality electric models for long driving pleasure and a nice price.

Step up Mangosteen electric bike

Just like with a petrol scooter, it is possible to boost the Mangosteen electric bike. You will need a stronger battery for this and an adjustment in the software. In addition, the range also decreases. By boosting the scooter you can go a lot faster. But this is not officially allowed. Officially, the moped scooter is only allowed 25 km/h and the moped scooter 45 km/h. You can get fines and a WOK status for boosting your scooter. With a WOK status you will have to have the scooter inspected again. You will therefore have to bring your scooter back to its original condition. It is of course always at your own risk.

Be careful when purchasing a second-hand model on websites other than La Souris. These electric Mangosteen electric bike usually have battery issues, even with newer models. La Souris first tests all second-hand Mangosteen electric bike before they are sold. Our new electric Mangosteen electric bike are available directly from stock and can also be delivered to your home upon request. In addition, we offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on a Lithium battery scooter and one year on a Lead battery scooter. If something is wrong with your scooter or if you have other problems, we are here to help.

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