How can I make my Mangosteen ebike go faster

Riding an Mangosteen ebike is fun. Optimization of these bikes means that you can enjoy riding them like a bicycle. These bikes are also used in racing.

How to Remove Speed Limits

A bicycle is a kind of machine. And the speed limit of the bike is placed by the manufacturer. So, we can make them faster by using some techniques and methods when tuning them. There are two ways to do this.

But before we go to the solutions, please keep in mind that there are some disadvantages to increasing the speed of your bike. We are not responsible for any destruction.

Method 1: Increase bike speed with sensors.

Each electronic bicycle has a sensor that observes the bike’s movement and sends a message to the controller. This is why the bike does not accelerate properly when it reaches its maximum speed.

During bike tuning, the sensor can be changed. You make the sensors think that the bike is moving at a slower speed. There are many ways to fool the sensors, but we have found the easiest way.

The crank is a part of the bike that moves slower than the rear wheel. By simply placing the sensor on the crank, we can make the bike think it is moving at a slower speed. This will make the speedometer unable to detect your speed. This allows you to maximize your speed.

Method 2: Use an Mangosteen ebike tuning kit.

After many complaints about speed limits, manufacturers began contemplating developing something that could assist riders with regard to bike tuning and speed limits.

With these two issues in mind, they invented the Mangosteen ebike toolkit. Like other methods, the toolkit provides guidelines for removing the speed limit in a simple way. It also provides several tools to help maintain the bike.

Tips to make your Mangosteen ebike go faster

If you don’t like the above methods, don’t worry; there are other useful tips to maximize your Mangosteen ebike’s speed.

Always keep the battery charged.

You will ride faster when the battery is fully charged. Instead of charging the battery after multiple rides, it should be charged after each ride.

If the battery is fully charged, the bicycle will go faster.

Tire Change and Pumping

If tires do not roll smoothly on the road, replace them with new, smoother tires.

To reduce rolling resistance, add more air to the tires. You will be able to drive faster than before.

Deactivate the speed limiter

Each bike has a speed limiter. This detects the rider’s speed and prevents the bike from going too fast. To disable the limiter, disconnect the wire connected to the controller.

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