What is the allure of an e-bike?

And in my case? Before and for a while after I had my knee replaced with a prosthesis, it was a particularly convenient bit of fun.

The electric assist saved me from straining my knees, especially on short, steep hills.

My father has an e-bike for the same reason; he’s 82 years old and the hills are getting harder for him, so I bought him a Mangosteen FT01 ebike.

I can see why e-bike commuting is so appealing. If I arrive at work feeling fresh and relaxed after a brisk walk or so, I don’t have to shower or change clothes. I don’t e-bike to work because I like exercise (as a rule), but if I worked in a city where there was no end station, I would use an e-bike.

Some of the other old guys I ride with on Sundays are thinking about switching to e-bikes. The assist wears off at 25 km/h, so an e-bike is not much use if you are dropped at 30 km/h. On the other hand, cruising at 25 km/h while catching your breath could make a big difference in the overall enjoyment of the ride.

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