Are there any ebikes or mopeds in Berlin that don’t require a motorcycle license?

In Berlin and the rest of Germany, there are several classes of e-bikes and electric mopeds that can be ridden without a motorcycle license:

Pedelecs (pedal electric bicycles): Pedelecs (pedal electric bicycles): These bicycles are equipped with a motor that assists only when the rider is pedaling, and the assist is turned off when the rider reaches a speed of 25 km/h (about 15.5 mph). No license is required to drive.

S-Pedelecs (speed pedelecs): High-speed e-bikes up to 45 km/h (about 28 mph). They are considered mopeds under German law and require at least a moped license (Führerschein Klasse AM), which can be obtained from age 16.

E scooters and E mopeds: E scooters with a maximum speed of up to 20 km/h can be ridden without a motorcycle license. For electric mopeds with speeds below 45 km/h, a moped license is required.

Riding an e-bike or e-moped in Germany must comply with traffic laws, and the vehicle must meet certain legal requirements, such as having proper lighting and reflectors. Helmets are recommended for all riders, but are only mandatory for S-Pedelecs and fast E mopeds.

Traffic laws are subject to change, so it is always a good idea to check the latest regulations; if you plan to use S-Pedelecs or E mopeds, check the specific licensing requirements and see if insurance or certain types of license plates are required.

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