How to Assemble Side Boxes on Mangosteen M1PS

Tips: This assembly tutorial is also available for other Mangosteen models.

1.Install the brackets: Install the side boxes’ brackets according to the type of side cases and the instructions provided by the supplier. This require the use of a screwdriver and wrench.

2.Connect the side boxes: Place the side cases onto the brackets and connect them at the attachment points on both the side cases and the brackets. This may involve using a screwdriver or other tools to secure the side cases to the brackets.

3.Ensure stability: Ensure that the side boxesare securely mounted and there is no looseness. Shake the side boxes gently and check the attachment points to ensure that the side boxes are not loose.

4.Test: After installing the side boxes, perform a test to ensure that they do not interfere with the operation or safety of the motorcycle.

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